Change Temp folder location from c:\windows\temp?

Topics: General, Issues 3: Executing the Component (Run-Time)
Aug 27, 2013 at 1:09 PM
Using the Merge component in SSIS 2008 R2 the default temp folder location is set to C:\Windows\Temp, as highlighted by the following runtime error:

Description: A problem occurred reading the metadata for the Merge component: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). error CS2001: Source file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\i9xiega_.0.cs' could not be found error CS2008: No inputs specified Metadata will be regenerated, but some settings may be lost. If you also receive an error message stating the component is 'Unable to generate a temporary class', then you may need to grant the account executing the package rights to the Windows Temporary folder.

Although this issue can be overcome by amending the folder permissions for the service account, is it possible to force the merge component to use a different directory path (e.g. E:\CustomCode\Temp)? At my company the C drive on the SQL Server is locked down so any customised code needs to reside on a different drive.