Kimball Method SCD v1.5

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Released: Jan 24, 2010
Updated: Mar 30, 2010 by toddmcdermid
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Application Kimball SCD v1.5
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Documentation Kimball SCD Test
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Release Notes

Release ZIP contains installers for SSIS 2005 and 2008 - both in 32 and 64 bit versions.

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To Upgrade From v1.4

BACK UP your existing packages before installing and using v1.5
After installing v1.5, you will need to edit those packages with a text editor to make one small change, full details are in the v1.5 Installation Instructions.

Issues Fixed:

Workitem #DescriptionDate Fix VerifiedDate Included in ReleaseDate Checked-in to Source
2812Component Fails Inside A Foreach Loop Container2009-08-302009-08-312009-08-31
2752Case/Space Insensitive Business Key Matching Doesn't Work2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2503Infinite Loop When Business Key Exceeds 256 Bytes2009-08-302009-08-312009-08-31
3245SCD2 Handling Not Possible with Only "SCD2 Current" Column Specified2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
1954Changes to SCD2 Columns In Special Members Input Handled Improperly2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3091Internal error (The column has a null value.) in ProcessInput checking history.2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3785Auditing Row Outputs Invalid Dates2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3795Audit row creation error when no input rows received2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3975Re-Activated Rows Cause Existing History Rows to be Excluded From Unchanged Output2009-09-112009-09-292009-09-29
3887SCD1 and SCD2 Issue2009-09-222009-09-292009-09-29
4591KimballMethodSCD does not work with GUID BusinessKey2009-11-102009-11-162009-11-16
5110Large String Business Keys2010-01-152010-01-242010-01-24
4900Divide by Zero Error Creating Auditing Output When No Rows Are Processed2010-01-152010-01-242010-01-24
5196Deleted Output Not Updating SCD2 Expiry Column2010-01-312010-02-032010-02-03
5282Inferred Dimension Members Being Deleted2010-02-092010-02-112010-02-11

Completed Features:

Workitem #DescriptionDate Feature VerifiedDate Included in ReleaseDate Checked-in to Source
2405Redesign Editor UI2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
188Redo "Link" Tabs with "Mapping" Style Content2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2319Improve Row Change Detection Configurability2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2802Add Key Hash Algorithm Configurability2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2420Extend "Inferred Member" Column Supported DataTypes and Values2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2911Extend "Current Record" Column Supported DataTypes and Values2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
1678Extend "Auditing" Columns Supported DataTypes and Values2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3490Extend "SCD2 Effective" and "SCD2 Expiry" DataTypes2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2708Improve Pass-Through Surrogate Key Support2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
2317Create "SCD2 New" Output2009-08-272009-08-312009-08-31
3797Disable outputs when not required2009-08-292009-08-312009-08-31
3768Add a Processing Timeout2009-09-142009-09-292009-09-29
2071Add Support For Large Data Types (TEXT, NTEXT, IMAGE, BYTES)2009-09-212009-09-292009-09-29
2389Support 2005 and 2008 Side-by-Side (Same PC) Installation 2010-01-242010-01-24

Reviews for this release

Excellent tool, well done! From my experieence, SCD always performs very slow if there are more than 9000 rows in the dimension to process. I have therefore had to customise it to use Conditional Split and Lookup tasks instead. For deletion, I have had to use EXCEPT() in the Execute SQL Task. I found out about this Kimball SCD later and it has simplied and sped up the warehouse development.
by ch1nch1nsu on Jan 23, 2011 at 11:44 AM
This is by far the best SSIS component that I have downloaded from CodePlex. I especially like the Auditing fields.
by gedmondson on Aug 27, 2010 at 4:03 PM
I tell you this guys !! You deserve an award medal from Microsoft for this component. Its miles ahead of microsofts own component
by sipgnew on Jul 23, 2010 at 9:25 AM
We're under the gun to complete our warehouse and have a very small team (2). This component saved tons of work and consulting expense. All we need now is an SCD2 range lookup transform for fact loads!
by benjaminsky on Jul 15, 2010 at 3:28 PM
This is an excellent, stable and high performing component. If you are a follower of the Kimball dimensional methodology, then this is definately a time saving component for you. And, it will keep you honest at the same time by making you think about auditing and providing all the details you need to store in the Kimball recommended audit database. And, the forum feedback is always timely.
by TCash on Apr 13, 2010 at 3:53 PM
This component is very powerful and keeps improving with each release. Excellent work!
by NathanG on Mar 30, 2010 at 11:04 PM