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Large String Business Keys


Let me start by saying thank you for such a great component. I'm still in the evaluation/learning stages of using this tool, but I really like what I've used so far.
I'm having difficulty with having more than 2 business keys that are varchar(50). In my test data I started out with 4 varchar(50) fields as my business keys and the component hung in BIDS when I ran it. When I reduced the number of Business Keys to 2, everything worked perfectly. If I added in a third key, things broke again. If I substituted the keys around, they all work just fine as long as I'm only using 2. (Since I'm using test data I'm able to have my keys be consistant to test the scenarios) Is this by design? or have I stumbled on to a legitimate issue? I really appreciate the feedback. In my current DW I have a composite key of 3 fields where this may come up.
In my setup I'm only making 2 SCD1 changes, I have an integer serrogate key, 4 varchar(50) business keys, an SCD2 Effective Date and an SCD2 Expiry Date. Very simple examples for learning. I'm using v1.4 Studio 2005. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


toddmcdermid wrote Jan 15, 2010 at 6:02 PM

AFAIK, v1.4 shouldn't have a problem with that "large" of a composite BK - but to be honest, I haven't tried. I will run a special test (and leave it my test harness) for v1.5 to validate whether or not I can repro the problem. Thanks for the support! If you're still learning data warehousing (like me!) make sure you get an adequate fill of content from the Kimball Group. (Sounds like I'm peddling them a lot, doesn't it?) I was just reminded of a (older) free webcast of theirs that explains a lot of the basics:

toddmcdermid wrote Jan 16, 2010 at 7:55 AM

Good news and bad news.
The good news is that I have just verified that my most recent build of v1.5 does not seem to experience a problem with 50 character business key columns (x4).
The bad news is that this version isn't up here yet - although (for a limited time) you can download the binaries only from my SkyDrive at It requires manual installation.
Watch the "Status of v1.5" discussion for more info:

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