Error: 'New' output needs column metadata updated (lineage).

After upgrading to SCD for sql server 2012, we have issues with SCD component. SSIS package error out during the validation "[Dimension Merge Slowly Changing Dimension] Error: 'New' output needs co...

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System.OutOfMemoryException with 50M source rows, 0 existing rows

Issue found in version 1.6. In an initial load scenario, where 50 million rows are passed into the Source System input, and no rows are passed into the Existing Dimension input, the DMSCD componen...

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Row deleted from source is identified but not redirected to Deleted output

I am using KSCD version 1.5 Scenario: A row is deleted from source and in logs its identified that this rows exist only in existing dimension but while output it is redirected to unchanged output i...

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Error: Internal error (Column data type DT_DBTIME2 is not supported by the PipelineBuffer class.) in ProcessInput sending row to cache.

When field in SQL 2008R2 is a time datatype, SSIS Dimension Merge SCD in design mode does not cause any error mapping the column data type DT_DBTIME2 , upon running the task it threw out these erro...

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invalid input

Hi, I've just upgraded from v1.4 to v1.6, but I get some errors: some rows are now added to the invalid output (when using v1.4 they didn't), with Invalid Input Error Description=Overlapping SCD 2 ...

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multiple current record for same business key

Once in a while usually when we run a dtsx package many times a day, we end up with multiple occurrences of a current record.

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Existing members in Dim Table are inserted again

Though similar issues are tracker here already, they doesn't completely map to my actual issues.   I have a quite small dimension table (<3000 rows), which is filled with the SCDC. After it runs a ...

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Issue with Handling SCD1 & SCD2 Changes

Hi Everyone,   We are facing a strange issue with kimball component while inserting scd1 & scd2 changes. The problem that we are facing is when we run the package with SCD1 changes then kimball ...

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Intermitent hanging or internal errors

We have just begun to test your component with a number of large data syncronisation tasks we currently perform via various combersome (and slow) methods. We have seen how good the component is, as...

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SQL Server 2012 update

I'm looking for the SQL Server 2012 SSIS Dimension Merge SCD Component.   Thanks in advance for any help.

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