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A custom Data Flow component for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) that replaces the standard SCD Wizard with a superior experience, from the configuration UI to runtime performance. Performs 100x faster than the standard component, and edits are non-destructive.

The Slowly Changing Dimension Wizard in SQL Server Integration Services is a very useful tool for setting up and handling slowly changing dimension processing, which is a very common requirement of Data Warehousing. The SCD Wizard is easy to configure and works as advertised.
However, there are some significant issues with it that have been experienced by many:
  1. It can be very slow.
  2. Re-running the Wizard destroys parts of the data flow.
  3. It can’t be used against all data providers.
  4. It can be hard to troubleshoot why it makes the decisions it does. Click here for more details on these and other disadvantages of the SCD Wizard
This component provides an improved design-time, maintenance, and execution experience for processing slowly changing dimensions. It provides more options to support complex dimension table processing while executing over 100x faster than the Wizard.

Pragmatic Works has recently committed to supporting the Dimension Merge SCD! They have incorporated the code into their Task Factory suite of extensions for Integration Services. If you can't use an "unsupported" open-source extension, check out Pragmatic Works - I think you'll find it too compelling to ignore.

New walkthrough videos of the v1.6 release are now available on Youtube, and in full-size/full-quality on my SkyDrive:
Part One Introducing the sample data On YouTube Download
Part Two Introducing the sample SSIS package On YouTube Download
Part Three Loading the dimension table with the SCD Wizard On YouTube Download
Part Four Loading the dimension table with other SSIS components (Lookup/Conditional Split) On YouTube Download
Part Five Loading the dimension table with the T-SQL MERGE command On YouTube Download
Part Six Loading the dimension table with the Dimension Merge SCD component On YouTube Download

You can download the Sample Data and Package used in the videos.

What you should do next:
  1. Download It
  2. Install It
  3. Use It
  4. Optimize It
  5. Subscribe to Updates
If you have any questions, review the FAQ, then post your question or problem in the discussions or send a tweet to @Todd_McDermid.

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