Installing SQL2k5 and SQL2k8 KSCD Component on the same server = not working

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Feb 23, 2011 at 10:02 PM

I have a dev box that we have SSIS 2k5 and 2k8 installed on.  Strangely enough, when we install both version of the KSCD component only one of them works.  Which ever one is installed first is the only one that will work.  Both version can be added to the tool box, but when dragged onto a Data Flow window, the KSCD component that was installed last produces the following error message:

"The component could not be added to the Data Flow task.  Could ont initialize the component.  There is a potential problem in the ProvideComponentProperties method.  ....... Method not found ect ect"

I'm wondering if this could be related to the dll file SSISComponentUtilities which both versions of the KSCD seem to use.  The KimballMethodSCD100 and KimballMethodSCD90 dlls both have the same Public Key Token as SSISComponentUtilities.  Could this be the conflict? 

Not knowing what this token is used for, forgive me for my ignorance when I ask "Can the Public Key Token be made different in the binary files for each version of the Kimball Method SCD component and be packaged with their own matching SSISComponentUtilities file ?" Would this fix the issue?

Apr 8, 2011 at 7:43 PM

You've hit the nail on the head there.  It's exactly that issue.

Good news is that I finally did the work that should make side-by-side installs possible.  Try it out for me in v1.6?

Apr 29, 2011 at 12:09 AM

We now have version 1.6 installed on the same server for SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 but ran into the same error:

"Object of type 'MouldingAndMillwork.ssis ect ect... DimensionMergeSCD100...ect ect' does not implement the expected component editor interface"

SQL 2008 version was installed first and the above error was when putting the DimensionMerge component in a data flow in BIDS 2005!  Looks like it is trying to use the 2008 assembly file.  I verified that I added the 2005 version to my tool box.

Can the publictoken key be changes in the binaries for one of the versions?  Looking forward to hearing back.



May 3, 2011 at 11:18 PM

That's crazy.  I can only think the multiple installations have muddied things up.  I don't have a side-by-side environment set up, so I can't test that well.

AFAIK, I've got everything coded as it should be for a side-by-side.  The DLLs are all labeled as "100" or "90" in the manifests and file names, including version-dependent dependencies like SSISComponentUtilities.  Did it install the right versions to the right locations on your file system?

May 14, 2011 at 12:34 AM

Everything looks to be installed in the correct locations.  The computer I've been dealing with is a 64bit server running Windows Server 2008 R2 which I thought could have something to do with the problem.  I have since installed SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 R2 side by side on my workstation (32bit XP) and have encountered the same issue when installing the 1.6 for SQL 2k5 and 2k8.  My solution for now, is to install version 1.5 for SQL 2005 and version 1.6 for SQL 2008. 

I'd be happy to help with any further tests.  Just let me know.