Feature Requests

Topics: Possible Bugs/Missing Features?
Jun 15, 2011 at 7:06 PM

I love this component but I have a couple suggestions:

1.) I'd like to have an option for SCD2 date processing where expiry date and the new row's effective date are the same.  In the 1.6 version I see you've included "expires now, next record one millsecond from now" or something allong those lines but SQL server only has 3 valid decimal second values due to the size of the data type I believe.  We consider rounded dates a discreet value but any date with time a continuous value and query accordingly (WHERE Date BETWEEN StartDateRounded and EndDateRounded -vs- WHERE DateTime >= StartDateTime and DateTime < EndDateTime).  It would be very helpful to get "expires now (no rounding) and next record starts now". 

2.) We do updates via dumping the rows into a staging table and updating using a sproc in the staging database to avoid rbar.  If you could combine all outputs that require inserts and all that require updates into two new outputs that would save some work in our environment. We have a couple 1 million + dimensions that undergo many inter-day updates.

3.) Can you pass unused fields to the outputs?  I'd prefer to add fields like PackageExecSK once in the beginning than 5 times at the end.

Also, a range lookup component would be a fantastic companion to this one.