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If you have questions about using this project, please search/browse for an answer here before you post.  Given the number of discussions you see, it's quite likely someone else has asked the same question you have.

If you have a reproducible bug, please go to the Issue Tracker to see if it's been observed by someone else.  If it hasn't please file an Issue with COMPLETE information about how I can reproduce it - otherwise it'll never get fixed.

If you have a suggestion for the project, go to the Issue Tracker to see if it's already been suggested (it probably has) and you can up-vote it to let me know it's important to you.  If it hasn't been suggested yet, please add a new feature request in the Issue Tracker.

Keep in mind that this project keeps going solely out of the passion that I have for data warehousing using Microsoft's toolset - this isn't my job.  Honey will get you more than vinegar, so keep your posts respectable.

Is this project dead?

first post: ianlee74_eahcs wrote: I'm looking for an alternative to the SCD component that ships with...

Adding Original Surrogate Key Functionality

first post: bneuman wrote: First of all, I would like to thank you for all your hard work on t...

Internal error (Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.) in ProcessInput adding rows to cache

first post: admirer wrote: Detailed error is at: MouldingAndMillWork.SSIS.KimballmethodSCD.Pro...

latest post: toddmcdermid wrote: Is this a 32-bit process? Or a 64-bit SSIS execution?How "wide" ar...

Performance Issues Migrating from 2005 to 2008 R2

first post: jgcabuk wrote: I'm currently using the Kimball Method SCD component on SQL Server ...

latest post: toddmcdermid wrote: A 10K source flow versus a 2.7M row dimension table? That seems a ...

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