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Binary Installation Instructions (v1.4)

New Installations

To install the component if you've never used it before, download the appropriate MSI for your version of SSIS (2005 or 2008). The MSI will install the component into your SQL PipelineComponents folder and the GAC. Start up BIDS and load (any) package. Right-click on the toolbox and select "Choose Items..." When the dialog eventually loads, pick the "Data Flow" tab, scroll to the Kimball SCD Component, and check the checkbox. Press OK, and you should see the component in your toolbox.
Scroll down for instructions on installing the Samples.

Upgrading from v1.3

If you're upgrading from v1.3, and you HAVE NOT downloaded and installed v1.4, you should be able to simply run the new installer and be perfectly fine. The MSI will update your GAC and PipelineComponents folders with the new DLLs, and upon opening your SSIS projects, the component will automatically upgrade its own metadata to v1.4. You may see some new warnings on your existing components if they do something the new version of the component believes isn't the best thing.
If you dabbled with v1.4 while it was in beta - you may have some more work to do. As I was working with the component, I decided it would be "nice" to mark it with a version number. However, that broke tons of things in existing packages which I didn't find out about until after the component (in "broken" form) had been available here in the v1.4 beta for a week or two. There are some ways to edit the raw package XML to do simple seach and replaces - but I recommend simply removing the SCD component from the design surface, AND the toolbox, and adding it back. Sorry.


Download the ZIP containing the sample for your version of SSIS (2005 or 2008) and unzip the contents. Restore "KimballSCDTest.bak" to an instance of SQL Server. Open the solution file with Visual Studio and edit all of the connection managers to correctly reference the (restored) SQL database and the locations of the CSV files.
The sample contains three Data Flows using the SCD Wizard, and three Data Flows using the Kimball Method SCD component. The SQL database acts as the data warehouse, containing the Dimension Tables that this package will attempt to update with "new" information from the CSV files.

Binary Installation Instructions (v1.3)

There is no installer for this version, it's manual...
Download the appropriate ZIP for your version of SSIS (2005 or 2008). The zip contains two DLLs because I've separated some code I re-use in several other components in one, while one contains the SCD component itself. The SCD component requires the .Net runtime v2.0 - but I believe this is an SSIS requirement as well, so you ought to be covered there.

Install both DLLs into the GAC

To do this, you'll have to get your hands on gacutil (available with any .Net Framework SDK, or Visual Studio edition).
Run gacutil with the /i option, giving the full path to the DLLs. You'll have to start the command-line "As Administrator" for this to work:
gacutil /i KimballMethodSCD.DLL
gacutil /i SSISComponentUtilities.DLL

Copy both DLLs to the PipelineComponents folder

Simply copy the DLLs to wherever you've installed SQL Server:
For SSIS 2005
copy KimballMethodSCD.DLL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\PipelineComponents\"
copy SSISComponentUtilities.DLL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\PipelineComponents\"

For SSIS 2008
copy KimballMethodSCD.DLL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\PipelineComponents\"
copy SSISComponentUtilities.DLL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\PipelineComponents\"

Add the Component to the Toolbox

Start up BIDS and load (any) package. Right-click on the toolbox and select "Choose Items..." When the dialog eventually loads, pick the "Data Flow" tab, scroll to the Kimball SCD Component, and check the checkbox. Press OK, and you should see the component in your toolbox.

Install the v1.3 Sample Package

(SSIS 2008 only) Unzip the wherever you like - it contains a sample package to show you how the component can be hooked up.
(SSIS 2005 & 2008) To see exactly how this package was created, or to create a 2005 package, watch Part One and Part Two videos.

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toddmcdermid Sep 2, 2009 at 9:30 PM 
Sorry - I missed this comment! I'll have to figure out how to monitor comments on the Wiki...

A manual install takes no development knowledge - I would suggest doing that. All you need is to get your hands on GACUtil - it's a simple program that copies the DLL somewhere in the C:\Windows\Assembly tree - no more scary than any other command line tool. Using it is as simple as described above. All you'll then have to do is copy the DLL(s) one other place, and you're golden.
Doing the above is miles easier than installing and compiling from source.

WeeeBob Aug 4, 2009 at 5:50 PM 
Installer has to use .Net framework 3.5 (for the v.1.4 , 2005 version). I have one of my dev servers still running Windows 2000 advanced server, So I can't install .Net framework 3.5 . I'm not a .Net developer so messing in the gac and manually compiling/registering isn't in my reportiore! I don't suppose there is any easy workaround to install for this scenerio? Is it just the case that I can download source and on my 2000 box (after installing all the c# and any other requirements), just compile and run the MSI as usual? or should i bite the bullet and just upgrade my dev server?