Source System Column Linkage Tab

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This tab is used to inform the component how columns of the Source System are related to the columns of the Existing Dimension. Each column in the Source System input is shown, along with its lineage ID, and which Existing Dimension column it's linked to.

Automated Configuration

The component will attempt to automatically link columns from the Source System to the Existing Dimension by column name. The comparison is case-, space-, and underline-insensitive. (For example, "Product Code" will match to product_code, or "PRODUCTCODE".)
Given this behaviour, it's recommended that in your transformation process of the OLTP information you rename all of your columns to "match" the dimension table column names. This also achieves the added benefit of making your transformation process easier to understand.

Linking Columns

For any column that remains unlinked, click on the link cell and select the appropriate Existing Dimension column to link to, or select <not linked>. There could be several reasons that an expected appropriate Existing Dimension column is not shown in the dropdown list. The data types of the Existing Dimension column you want to link to is not identical to the Source System's column. The Existing Dimension column is assigned a usage type that cannot be "linked" to - such as Not Used, or SCD2 Effective Date. The Existing Dimension column may already be linked to another column on your Source System_ - only one-to-one links are permitted.

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